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Nyassa Lavender Soap Bar

I adore the color and scent of lavender. It makes my skin feel exotic and relax. It’s one of my favourite flowers. Many restless evenings, imagining myself submerged in the wild lavender field, made me feel very calm and happy.

I got this Lavender Soap Bar recently and it has become one of my favourite things. A clear lavender sap bar made with coconut oil and all natural ingredients gives the most luxurious pampering to my skin. The company called Nyassa in Mumbai, India has a wonderful list of natural bath and body products. You know I am a fan of anything organic and natural, so Nyassa product lines caught my attention right away.

I love this beautiful dreamy fragrance that take over my bathroom while it melts into my skin. It is very fresh and gentle. Love that this made with coconut oil, it’s very pure and also vegetarian! Can’t you believe it? I don’t even know that there’s vegetarian or non-vegetarian types of body care products.

I also love the layer of dried lavender flower on the top, it gives a handmade and rustic feel to it. This delicious bar is retailed for 180 Rs (about 4 $). It’s very reasonable for this fabulous indulgence.

What’s your favourite fragrance?


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