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Warm Taro Tea

I recalled the morning dew sitting on the taro leaves early morning in our backyard while the smell of warm taro-spread my mom simmered on the stove was already made every sleepy livings in our home came alive. It was such a comforting and sweet aroma that lingered in my mind forever.

When I purchased an instant taro tea powder, I got the beautiful flashbacks of all those years we had tons of taro within our fences. We used to use them in a lot of dessert and snack dishes and I especially remembered my mom’s taro spread that cooked in rich coconut cream. It’s so heavenly soothing over warm toast.

Taro as a drink is very new to me. I had it once when I went home in Thailand. I was hooked in this beautiful purple drink at first sip. It was so creamy, fresh and delightful. Icy taro bubble tea with tapioca pearl is a very popular drink in Southeast Asia. It is so refreshing, a perfect summer drink during April’s sun.

As lovely as it sounds to have this wonderful ice-tea, I prefer one but warm right now in the dried winter in Pune.

I got this taro tea powder from an organic tea vendor in Thailand. It’s 100% natural made with dehydrated taro powder blended with sugar and cream. It’s super easy to prepare. You can serve it hot or cold. It is easily dissolved in hot milk. You can mix a couple tbsp of this with chilled milk and some ice for a perfect taro bubble tea.

Warm Taro Tea

Ingredients (servings 2)

2-3 tbsp taro tea powder (I used the unsweeten version)

2 1/2 cup warm milk

2 1/4 tbsp sugar or to taste

4 tbsp cooked tapioca peal


  1. Slowly pour warm milk into taro tea powder and stir until dissolved. Adjust the sweetness as you like with some sugar.
  2. To serve, add some tapioca peal into the serving glass, pour in some warm taro tea and serve.

*** You can substitute milk with soy milk or coconut milk.

I love the color of this tea, it’s so organic and gentle. Our tea was so warm and comforting. The beautiful scent of taro gave the most natural feel to the drink. Tapioca pearls gave a fun texture which also made this drink even more addictive. After a couple of sips, Yaseen suggested me why not taro pancake tomorrow? Why not!


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