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Phu Foi Lom, Udon Thani, Thailand

There is no place felt more home for us like nature. We would lose ourselves in the wild watching the green leaves rustle against fresh air forever. Whenever we had such a hard week, we would escape to the long drive up and down the hills until we completely forgot the whole world behind. When it was just us and the tall mountain ahead, that was all… that was all that matter.

Phu Foi Lom is an ecotourism park located in Pa Phan Don-Pakho National Forest Reserve in Udon Thani province of Thailand. It covers an area of about 60,000 acres. The park has diverse ecological elements, flourished with beautiful flora and fauna, and known for purified fresh air. This park is considered to be one of the best nature education centers in Thailand.

Pho Foi Lom also has a showcase of rare dinosaur fossils that has been collected from the surrounding area. The beautiful trails were provided to nature lovers for trekking and enjoy the luscious greenery. There are parking facility, picnic spots, gift shops, restaurants, resort, and camping-rental service available in the park.

We drove to Phu Foi Lom from our home in Khon Kean, it took us about 2 1/2 hours to the foothill of Phu Foi Lom. The temperature was instantly dropped as we slowly climbed up the mountain. Both side of the road flushed with dense forest and tall trees which have probably stood there for hundreds of years.

We ran off the track in the midway to visit the calm and beautiful waterfalls. The sparkling streams run down the hill created several accented waterfalls which became popular spots for family picnic, get-together outing, and marriage photography.

When we reached Phu Foi Lom, the colorful spread of flower gardens ran along the roadsides. It was late afternoon and the fizzy wind caressed our hair… so gentle and cooling. The air was clean and fresh.

The park is not only popular among nature enthusiasts, but the children adore the kid’s friendly park. There were carving bushes and trees in different animal shapes. There were so many things to see and learn in this wilderness.

We found ourselves under the spellbinding beauty of nature in every step of the trials. There were rare plants, wild flowers, and gigantic trees surrounded both sides making us felt as if we were lost in the jungle. It was so serene and peaceful up there. The dinosaur sculptures built along the trails made the journey even more fun.

We were very happy to make it out of the trails that cover about 10 km journey, and it was completed to relax in the flower garden later. The vibrant gardens in Phu Foi Lom were so fresh and whimsical with wild range of colorful flowers and tiny butterflies roaming around.

It’s the perfect way to end our journey sitting in the lovely garden and let the sunlight slowly absorbed into the cold air.

The nature is so fascinating and I don’t know if we could ever be able to see everything. Every trip and journey is a new adventure and new find. We can’t wait for the free weekend when we can go out and soak in mud and dirt, sitting on top of the mountain somewhere, feeling so embraced and solaced. We’ve missed you already. When was the last time you climb up the mountain?


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