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How to Prepare and Manage Kids in Your Hiking Trip

Before my son was born, I was so worry about changes I was unprepared for. I have always been living a free life and travel all the time. Having another fragile life who needed constant protection and care by my side could really slow me, I concerned. But when he’s finally came into my life, I found the world to be the most interesting as it has ever been. Every step with him was more amplified and clear. I came to understand, I was still me, another stage of me, a mother. He’s another organ attached to my body, without him I couldn’t go out the world.

Having baby doesn’t seem to slow us down or make life less adventurous like some people think. Yaseen was strapped to the car seat on the rough high sea in a shady boat when he was just 3 months old. Not that I was proud of the dare devil stunt we did, but you see… once you put on your hiking shoes, the world started to unfold, you’ve just got to wait and see.

Kids are curious creature and it isn’t always easy to keep them on track. You will have be as attentive as flexible with them for you to be able to enjoy and teach them about nature. Here are some tips that help you and your kids to enjoy hiking adventure together.

How to Prepare and Manage Kids in Your Hiking Trip

  1. Have a Flexible Plan
    Involve your kids in the planning process, tell them about what to expect and ask them what they want to see. Make sure your plan accommodate every possibilities and comfortable for the children.
  2. Have a Good Sleep
    The night before hiking trip make sure your little guys have enough sleep. Children should get a good 10-12 hours sleep a day for them to function healthily. Allow them to get a comfortable nap in the car if you have a long drive, so they are fresh and ready to explore.
  3. Have a Healthy and Hearty Meal
    Start your day with a healthy breakfast. Have a balance meal with good amount of carbohydrate and protein. Give them enough fluid and keep them hydrate along the journey.
  4. Pack along their necessities
    Kids required stuff different from us. Pack them a light bag of personal stuff like favourite snacks, mp3 tracks, and toys. These things might come into handy when they get cranky.
  5. Comfortable shoes and clothes
    It’s very important for them to have comfortable shoes, light weight, which would able them to move along easily. Put them in comfortable outfit according to the weather condition.
  6. Extra clothing
    Pack extra kids’ clothes along in your bag. Kids tend to put themselves in messy situation. It’s good to have extra clothes for an unexpected circumstance. They might get wet or muddy, be prepare to change them on your way.
  7. Engage in conversation
    Allow your children to express themselves. Introduce the topic of nature, animal, and whatever they see. Engage them in various topics, that way they will be occupied with a lot of interesting learns.
  8. Help them see the world
    Encourage them to try something new and explore the wild within your supervision. Allow them to discover an adventure and observe the world. Let them climb a small rock, claw in mud, and jump in water. Let them experience everything you find safe.
  9. Emergency kits
    Pack and easily accessible first aid kits with a lot of bandages and anti-bacteria wipes. Also add allergies medicines and other medicine your children might need, children’s sunscreen, sterilized blade, needles and ticks in your bag.
  10. Rest Stop Schedule
    The children need frequent energy stop than adults. Observe and understand your children limit and ability. Be patient and initiate rest stop more often. Don’t worry about slowing down. Have the stopping point in the beautiful spots, you can enjoy the sceneries and take some pictures while they are resting.

Hiking is a great adventure family can do together. Having kids in your trip actually make it more enjoyable and fun. By teaching them to explore, we find ourselves to be more blended in with the surrounding even more.

My son is my entourage. We hike, swim, and explore the world together. Traveling couldn’t be more vibrant and colorful with your little one’s eyes sparkle every times he saw the clear sky.

Have a beautiful day,

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