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There are so many reasons why Diveagar is such a special place for us. One of them being the first place we traveled as a family. Yaseen, Sadik and I.

Diveagar is a beach village situated along the Konkan coast in Raigad district of Maharashtra, India. It is about 170 km from Mumbai and 160 km from Pune. Diveagar is known for a serene beach, tranquil air, beautiful hospitality and wonderful home- cooked food. Diveagar is never really crowded, even in tourist season. You can always find a spot so isolated and quiet just by yourself there.

My husband has been longing for the home-style meal in Diveagar while I was looking forward to creating another wonderful memory with my family. We drove out of Pune early morning toward Paud road. We had a hot breakfast in Mulshi Lake and headed over to cross Tamhini ghat that was so green and flooded with hundreds of waterfalls 3 months ago, but so cold and dry now. Though I love how dried grasses accentuated the beautiful curves of magnificent mountains, it would be a lot lively if it were replaced with the shades of green.

The route continues to Nizampur, Mangaon, and then Mhasala with beautiful sceneries and small villages shuffle along the sides.

Entering Diveagar was like coming home. It was so cozy and peaceful. Coconut trees and betel nut trees shot up the air, the town covered with beautiful greens and beautiful home. I love the rustic architecture, simple setting that made us feel so humble and comfortable.

Where to Stay

There are numbers of resorts and home-stay facilities available for every budget types. Make sure you make a reservation in advance in tourist season so you won’t get trouble finding the place and price rise. We stayed at a small lodging facility in the village surrounded by people’s homes and bitternut gardens. It really gave us an insight of the life in Diveagar up close.

A home with a open kitchen ready to serve home-cooked meal

What to Eat

Diveagar is known for fresh seafood and home-cooked meal. Thali, a meal set consisted of rice, flatbread, curries, fried fish or vegetable are commonly served and seriously good. The meal usually costs about Rs.100-150 per person. You can also order anything, they will cook for you from scratch for really reasonable price.

The Beach

Diveagar beach stretched calmly against mild waves of the Arabian Sea. The sand isn’t white, but very fine and clean. It isn’t crowded or commercialized which is exactly what we love.

Yaseen @ 3 months in Diveagar

Yaseen 3.4 years in Diveagar

The beach hasn’t been hurt by tourism yet, and so, we encourage everybody to be responsible tourists while visiting. You can spend hours strolling along the beach, getting yourself into beach games, joinning the children build the sand castle, chasing the sand crabs, or swimming in the sparkling water. Diveagar manifests one of the most mesmerizing sunsets. So soothing and romantic.

What to do there

Enjoy the peaceful life of Diveagar by a slow walk in the village you will come across people working on gardens, handicrafts or secret recipes of the hidden kitchen.

Definitely, you should spend most of the time in the beach doing nothing but enjoying time passing by. Also you shouldn’t miss visiting fish market and get your hand on fish auctioning.

To get there

From Pune

Pune- Paud Road- Mulshi Lake- Tamhini Ghat- Nizampur- Mangaon- Mhasala- Diveagar

From Mumbai

Mumbai – Panvel – Pen – Nagothane – Uthekol – Take SH 97 – Mhasala- Diveagar

Personal Note

We couldn’t find any ATM nearby, so it’s better have enough cash with you.
Be careful about booking agent because they tend to hike the rate really high. You should do some research (very available on internet) and book in advance before reaching there.

Be patient if you are traveling with kids, make sure you have emergency kits and medicines they might need.

3 years ago

what about now!

Yaseen might not remember the first trip we did in Diveagar 3 years ago but he would definitely remember this one. We had really wonderful time at the beach and in the village. The food was divine. The air was fresh and no pollution to worry about. People are kind and the welcoming hospitality made us feel the most at home.


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