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Gonna Love This Year

Happy New Year, Everyone! Sorry we’re 3 days late. Have you been eating and celebrating a lot? For us, this year was different. No party, no shopping, just three of us sitting somewhere under the sun, when hungry sought a humble hospitality of local restaurant.

In the middle of nowhere, it was celebration.

We came up with Resolutions in the beginning of the year annually. This year we wanna share where’re we heading…


1 Learn speaking Hindi

2          Visiting Sri Lanka

3          Publish my books

4          Have a driving license

5          Visit and Help at least 3 orphanages

6          Relive my father’s hunting trip along the Mekong River

7          Write more books (especially about travels)

8          Start a restaurant and cooking class

9          Take photography class and have professional camera

10      Lost 15 pounds



1          Travel to at least 3 new countries

2          Learn new languages- Thai, French

3          Learn British Accent

4          Learn and play guitar

5          Get a professional certification for business career (PMP& CSCP)

6          Maintain and write more in blog (if you haven’t know, my husband has a blog called Procurense which he barely maintains)

7          Complete whole India trip– East to West, South to North (Sea, forest, mountain, snow, dessert, etc.)

8          Be an expert in restaurant business

9          Live one day as vegetarian and one day fasting every week

10      Maintain Healthy lifestyle and run 10 km 2012 Pune Marathon

11      Pilgrim to Hajj

Yaseen according to Sadik and Tes

1        Learn speaking fluently in English, Thai and Malayalam

2        Be less naughty

3        Donate some toys and books

4        Learn one music instrument

5        Learn swimming

6        Write A-Z, 1-10

7        Help clean up (mom’s wishful thinking)

8        Have more friends

9        Be good friends

10    Have a pet (Turtle)

I have to say we set the bar pretty high but it’s gonna be an interesting year. Wasn’t it in my every year resolution to lose weight at lease 10 pounds but never really succeed? I guess it was just something I added so I felt safer venturing into delicious food world.

I don’t know what’s with British accent, but my husband fascinates it. I guess this year we’re gonna hear him speaking that way 🙂

It’s funny listing up Yaseen’s resolution with my husband… we kinda list something we want him do rather he wish doing. No. 7, I hope he considers 🙂

What’s yours new Years resolutions?

Have a beautiful day,

5 comments to Gonna Love This Year

  • Lots of resolutions, Tes! Even if you only manage some of them, it will be a productive year. You probably know this kind of stuff, but if not: next step is to quantify your goals. Weight is simple: 15 pounds off is Success!! But learning Hindi? When is that a success? When you can easily talk with the women at the market? Or when you can read a difficult book? So, make your goals measurable, then after that, write down the steps you need to take in order to reach the goals.

    My resolution: lose weight (yes, me too) – I’m going to use where you can keep track of calories eaten and amount of exercise/housework you’ve done. More exercise = you can eat more. Yay!

    I also hope to find a part-time job.

    Good luck with your resolutions!

  • I love how your getting Yaseen involved. You got some great resolutions.

  • kankana

    WOW Tes.. that’s a truck load of resolution you guys made. I hope they all come true and i hope the year brings more fun in your life 🙂
    I have no resolution at all .. never make .. i can never stick to plan .. so i just live in the moment 🙂

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