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Bharad Khol Fish Market, near Diveagar

If you are a fan of seafood, then this fish market is your heaven. We made a quick stop at Bharad Khol fish market on our way back from Diveagar. Every morning about 8 am, the boats ported near a small village where the vibrant energy has already filled the air. The women sat with their fresh displays of prawn, king mackerel, pomfret and other variety of gorgeous fish that I couldn’t name.

I could only imagine how extraordinary skillful these men were to venture during the night, came back to unload the catches, only to be ready to sail out again very soon.

A trip in the sea with fishermen had always been my dream though I doubted my capability to stay function in the rippled ocean. Staring at the boats crinkled over the shore already made me slightly nausea.

As soon as the boated anchored, small rafts are used to load the fish and transport any supplies needed for the next trip.

Men at shore carried the catches of the day with wooden stick, skillfully balancing through narrow rocks up to the market where the auction was waiting.

As the fish dropped on the ground, the auctioneer with paper in his hands called out the price, people swooped in. The auctioning was fast and furious, we were nowhere close to win one. The buyers are usually the middlemen who supply fish later to the markets or the sellers in the market who retailed their purchases into little profits.

What a humble experience!

Wonderfully fresh


And proud.

And here’s ours….

Just kidding! Here it is! A fairly good deal for 0.9 kg king mackerel for Rs 250.

Wonderful experience…. I’m now aching to feel sea breeze again.


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