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Chocolat by Joanne Harris

It is as delicious as it sound. Chocolat has been my afternoon indulgence for several days. I have heard about this book for the longest time and when Judith, my favourite book blogger told me I should get it, I grabbed it from the bookstore shelf immediately.

The cover has already won my heart. They say don’t judge the books by its cover but that’s what I normally do. Try me… test me…. taste me. Oh, doesn’t that sound tempting!

Chocolat is about a woman, Vianne Rocher and her lively daughter moving to a French village of Lansquenet to open a chocolate boutique. An exotic luxuriant of her shop and her vibrant personality is in disinclination to the approval of Father Reynaud, the most influential priest in town. In the month of Lent, a self-denial ritual, he thought of her as a bad influence and a task God send him test him.

Vianne Rocher didn’t receive a warm welcome at first but her sincerity and decadent charm of her chocolate earn an acceptance and friendship in Lansquenet. Father Reynaud’s watchful eyes weren’t only out to get Vianne but also the river gypsies who took a temporary refuge in the town river. Vianne was on the mission to prove passion and compassion weren’t sinful plays but the very natural flavours for everyone to savage rightfully.

There is sweetness everywhere with a mellow bitterness infused just like the flavour of chocolate. I love every decadent and sinful writings the author spread in every page. There is mystery and magic everywhere. The characters were vividly enchanting. The story really set you back in time, moving in the earthy background of French village. The description of about chocolate boutique was surreal and aroused your appetite.

On problem I have in this book is the plot is a little bit thin. There were really less going on when the scrumptious writing was the only thing that held you to the seat. I hated to say this but I did expect a little bit more… just a little bit more. Maybe this is how it is when you eat something so delicious, you always want more. Never enough. Shame on me 🙂

Still, I do love this book very much. It is rich and creamy making my skin warm and stomach growl. My advice, have your most luscious piece of chocolate cake by your side while reading. You won’t finish this book easily as there are temptations lurking in every other page.


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