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On Road Eats: Fish Point @ Kadakwasala Lake

This year we’ve decided to start an interesting series of On Road Eats. A fun program featured us flirting with every delicious bite we find on weekend road trip. My husband love driving and we just love spending time in our cozy car moving around countryside and natural places. This time I leave my picnic basket at home and look forward to diving in anything we may find. My goal is to explore local cuisine and spy on the secret recipes of those loving dishes.

On New Year weekend, we took a drive along Kadakawasla Lake. It’s one of my favourite places in Pune, only 45 minutes away from our home. This time we did something a little different. Instead of hovering to the popular tourist spot we drove across the back of the dam. Passing National Defence Acadamy, we slid to small villages and breathtaking scenery of mountain and beautiful lake.

There are a lot of resorts and restaurants surround the lake but most of them weren’t operating that day. Winter wasn’t really the prime season, everything was quite and peaceful.

We didn’t realize time move so quickly. By the time our stomach reminded us that it was lunch we were in the middle of nowhere. Driving back to town, we came across a small family-run- restaurant called Fish Point. There a lot of people already at the tables earthly sat near the farm garden. Some people enjoyed sober drink on the bench under the trees. This restaurant surely isn’t what we truly prefer, we usually avoid restaurant that served alcohol extensively. We gave it a try anyway, on recommendation of our stomach.

The menu is in Hindi. My husband can speak Hindi but read…not so much. Anyway, we decided to go for Chicken Thali which was a combo set consisted of chicken curry, rice and Bhakri flatbread. My husband got the fish version with fish curry, rice and Chapati.

It was my first time eating Bhakri flatbread which made with white millet flour. It was divine, fragile and powdery soft. I thought it tasted quite similar to rice flour flatbread but with more filling texture.

Chicken curry was so rustic with homey spice-mix. The flavour was very intense, flaming delightful and spicy. The red oil floating on top smelled like toasted red chili, it was greasy and hot.

My husband’s fish curry was too rustic. He didn’t like the taste of fresh water fish, and the curry sauce was too thin to hide the fishy scent.

We also had a succulent spicy fried chicken. It was so wonderfully cooked, melt-y and full of flavour. That dried sauce coated the chicken made it worth licking our finger after every bite.

What I really love about Fish Point is that homemade preparation. The service was slow but that was because everything was made from scratch. I couldn’t get enough of how wonderful that Bhakri flatbread was. I knew one fine day I would beg my husband to take us to that place again just for it.

After a meal, we had a wonderful time walking around the family farm. It was peaceful and beautiful. There were fruit and vegetable grew along the sides of every walkable path. The kitchen was tuck in one corner of the house where the family working together to create a humble meal.

The price was reasonable. An over indulged lunch for 3 costed us less than Rs. 400 (USD 8).


Food 3/5

Service 3/5

Ambience 4/5 because of natural rustic touch

Hygiene 3/5

Price 5/5

Entertainment 4/5

Location: Fish Point, Kadakwasala, Pune

Have a happy day,

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