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Natural Book Marker from Siam Weed

The fresh air after rain and the moist scent of green rice field, that’s what my new book marker reminds me of. It is such a good smell returning me good feelings, good memories.

What’s Siam Weed? Siam weed or bitter bush is a common weed grows throughout tropical part of the world. Siam weed can grow upto 1-2 meters with strong odor green leaves. When the climate is dry, it blossoms purplish-white flowers.

We had a long way back, Siam weed and I. When I was a kid living in Thailand, I recognized this plant as medicine. Something we all kid chew up and spat on our fresh wound when we fell from the tree. Everybody knew it help stopping the bleeding and keeping our wound from infection. When we went out to play in the woods, this was our remedy for minor accident.

My husband who lived in India also did the same thing except he crushed it and put the paste on the wound not chewing– more sophisticated and hygienic approach I believed.

Today I found another used of my favourite childhood plant. As a book marker, it gives the most beautiful, earthy smell. I could feel myself smiling even in the middle of the horror scene of the book. The fainted petrichor from the dried leaves is soothing and calming.

I swished the branches of Siam weed from our road trip around the countryside. Warm winter encouraged the plants to blossom velvety, white flowers everywhere. I picked some of my favourite streaks and kept them in a large book and weighted over with some more books. Let them stay like that for a week and they would be totally dried yet content in colors and scent.

Now I use this while reading…. Umm smell great 🙂

You can probably do the same trick with any plants and flowers of your choices. I know rose petals will just be beautiful…

This week I will pop over to some silent corner of the hill and look for tiny wild flowers, I know they’ll be perfect, too.

Have a beautiful day,

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