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Little Owl Beanie

I’ve spend the last few days working on Yaseen bird theme costume for his school event. My first choice was really shopping for one but I’ve turned the city up side down and bird costume was nowhere to be found. I thought about ordering a cute one online from the US but I doubted it would reach here on time. After browsing through the internet for some simple DIY costume, I felt confident enough to make one myself.

I came across an amazing owl beanie tutorial on Youtube here. I only know simple crocheting, and this lady made it so easy to follow. It’s super easy and fun. For the first time, I actually made a wearable thing for my son, yeah!

I also made a little capelet from a skirt I had for 10 years but had never worn. It’s effortless. I just hand-sew lining and black ribbon to tie around the shoulder.

I took Yaseen to his party this morning. Many parents also had trouble finding the costume. A lot of creativities I saw.

And here’s our little owl…

After class we dropped by McDonald for lunch. My little owl was super hungry.

Isn’t owl supposed to be sleeping during the day? Gosh, I only wish he go for a little nap now. This little owl is super busy all day long.


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