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Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

I read this book six months ago, bought it because of the buzz everywhere. I had difficulty giving my opinion about it though the book had brought me a lot of happiness. Reading Eat Pray Love was like talking to your best friend, listening to the prayers and traveling along the beautiful spiritual journeys.

Eat Pray Love is about a woman, a New York writer, going through a difficult break ups in her life. She was on top of everything, but found herself being extremely unhappy and depressing. After an exhausting divorce battle, she took a journey to find happiness, peace and love across three countries- Italy, India and Indonesia. Begin her journey in Italy to discover the pleasure of food and living full live, continue to India where she found a spiritual enlightenment and freedom from her own depression. In Bali, an old medicine man helped her find peace and new beginning.

The writing is very friendly and easy to catch up. It is also very funny and light. I did enjoy little every detail as if I had been in the journeys with her. The message in the book is very candid and sincere making it very irresistible.

I know a lot of women swore this book changed their lives and that it was super super good. Maybe that’s why I expect a lot of this book when I bought it. For me, it’s good and friendly. Probably something I enjoyed every afternoon, but not as much that I would stay up whole night trying to finish it.

I also watched the movie “Eat Pray Love” and I might have loved the movie more than the book. I don’t know whether it’s the magic of cinema or the beautiful sets they shot in those beautiful countries. The movie did speak more to me.

Have you read this book or watch the movie? I really want to know what you think because I like the book but I find it difficult talking about it.

Sorry for being absent from the blog for a several days. I had a lot stress and strain in my eyes. They were irritating and pain that I couldn’t read or write for days. I went to an eye specialist yesterday and decided to order my first prescription glasses. My eyes were still very sensitive to light, so I had to live behind sunglasses all the time. I’ll get my reading glass tonight. Can’t wait to see how geeky I will look.


5 comments to Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

  • Patty

    Glasses won’t be too bad…you will look studious!!!

    I felt the same way about that book and the movie…dd not have mad love for it…

  • Susan H

    I thought both were ok, but a bit unrealistic as not many of us can take off for a year….

  • I also liked the movie better than the book – like you, I loved the settings!

    I wasn’t sure I’d like the book because of all the hype, but yes, it was nice.

    I hope your eyes will feel better with the glasses. I have glasses too and lots of people do. It can be a fashion item!

  • I never saw the film, too much fuss around it when it was first out. I’d almost forgotten about it now. Will do something about it soon though. Thank’s for reminding me about it 🙂

  • Lulu

    Honestly I bought the book because Bali is mentioned there.When we come home to Indonesia, we sometimes go to Bali. But after having read this book, I do not think it is a kind of book I like to recommend to people to read it. I don’t know it is a bit boring in my opinion.

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