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Favourite Scent

I think February is the most romantic month. Not only because we celebrate Valentine’s Day in it, but the overall temperature and feelings are just right. Strawberries blossom in the markets and honeybees roaming around local florists. The air is sedated with morning mist like a scene in romantic novel. I fantasize about what my husband may have plan hoping he remembers to pick up the big bouquet of flowers with the heavenliest smell.

I’ve been thinking about making chocolate that I found a magical recipe from the real-life witch on the internet. The recipe was an ancient formula of amorous potion she promised. I’ll share the recipe as soon as I try it.

So today, the first day of the romantic month I opened a bottle of my new perfume. Euphoria from Calvin Klein is officially my favorite perfume. It’s dreamy, luscious and deep like sweet nectar of exotic fruits laced between soft petals of black orchid with creamy vanilla cord.

I am a perfume geek, changing the bottles every other month. For the first time I feel like I can stick to something. Though I still dream of my very own customized scent with pendan leaves, lavender and coconut cream…. I wonder how the final product will be like. Delicious I hope…

What’s your favourite scent?


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