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Pandan Flavour by Best Odour

Pandan leaf extract is one of the most popular flavours you can find in Asian dessert. It sweet melody blesses the dishes with beautiful aroma. Pandan leaf gives both color and flavour. The fresh extract of pandan leaves delivered the freshest green and loveliest fragrance. It is Vanilla of Asia.

When I am at home in Thailand, my kitchen has a privilege luxury to access the fresh pandan leaves whenever I can. They grow easily within our fence. I love tying up a couple of leaves into green knot and drop in the pot when I cook rice. It enhances the sweet flavour in fresh coconut cream. Most of all, I love how it turns sweet rice balls into perkiest green gems.

It is so sad that pandan leaf is so difficult to find in some part of the world. My kitchen in India too does not have that luxury. I rely one a few drop of pandan extract that may not be as wonderful as the fresh one but it does make the dish feel completed.

I use Pandan flavour from Best Odour brand. We just use it like other food extract. It gives the most earthy and exotic flavour to sponge cake. I regularly used it in coconut syrup and many (every) dessert dishes in my home.

This small bottle smells like the whole garden of Thai dessert. It is mellow sweet and vividly stamped in every molecule of food.

What’s your favourite flavour?


10 comments to Pandan Flavour by Best Odour

  • What a coincident Tes that I wrote on pandan growing abundantly in my garden and yours is opposite. I simply love pandan leaves and like you have mentioned, great as replacement for vanilla. I suppose the essence can do good as a replacment too. I am surprised that its not available in India because the hot climate of Asia is perfect for growing pandan leaves.

  • Liz

    I read Nava’s blog, then yours today. Pandan is not something I’ve seen in my area, but though blogger friends like you, I’ve wanted to experience the flavor. Hopefully some day….

  • We use a lot of pandan in our Malaysian cuisine as well — sigh, there’s no pandan leaves or extract here in Orlando, Florida and I am sulking just the thought of it πŸ™

  • I’ve never seen this before, but it sound delicious! I love fruity flavours myself, juices and such. Depends on so much though, the season, temperature, the food to which it is added etc

  • I have heard of a Pandan paste but not the extract. Wish I could find it around here. My favorite flavor is Almond extract πŸ™‚

  • Jumilah Ahmad Rose

    I bought a pandan plant from Pinellas Park Flea Market. I left it in its original pot until the plant get a little bigger. Oldsmar, Florida has warm temperature in the summer and cool in the Winter. In cold frost I bring my pandan plant inside my Porch. Jumilah

    • Tes

      Wow, I’m jealous you have pandan plant at home. I’ve been looking for it everywhere near me, but I still have no luck. I’m still use pandan flavor in cooking. I wish I had fresh on at home πŸ™‚

  • Vu hung


    I’m in Vietnam

    I want to import this product in large quantities.

    please quote me via mail

    thank you

  • Vasudha

    I picked up a bottle of Pandan Best Odour while I was in Thailand.

    I got to tell you that when I opened it I almost choked from the sharp, pungent smell. It was so strong and repugnant that everybody in the room started complaining about the bad odour. Moreover, it took quite a while before the smell left my hands and nostrils.

    Did I get a bad piece or is this how it is supposed to smell? This is confusing. I cannot imagine putting this in my food to add to the aroma or taste.

    I feel nauseous.

    Looking forward to your response. Thanks.

    • Tes

      Hi Vasudha,
      I’m sorry I had bad experience with Pandan leaf essence. I don’t think you get the bad batch, but the essence can be really strong for someone who never tried it before. It’s like vanilla essence, if you eat or smell it directly, it can be very overwhelming. Try a few drop of it in coconut cream and see how you like it πŸ™‚

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