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Evernight by Claudia Gray

I am a fantasy girl. I love the stories that stretch the reality in my life. That’s why more than half of the books I own are about magic, mystical world and things beyond my wildest imaginations.

I picked up this book as a regular dose of vampire attacks. It was simple, easy to read and quite fun.

Evernight is the first book in the Evernight series by Claudia Gray. It starts with a girl enrolled in a prestigious, old, boarding school, Evernight Academy, where her parents moved to teach. The students at Evernight Academy are too perfect, smart, beautiful, rich and well groomed. She is very uncomfortable with the new changes and feel like an outcast. This mysterious school is not thing as it seems. There are horror and mysteries roaming around everywhere.

The first portion is mostly about her coping with the transition in school which I thought is quite whiny. It was like reading about a teenage dorky girl. Small mysteries here and there in every chapter made me really wanna go on and find out more. The middle portion of the books is like you are in the middle of high sea, the waves roll on you when you are least expected. I love the book that does that, surprise me and make me feel like a fool. There are clever twists which make me wanna go all the way up all night. I enjoyed every bit of the story toward the end though it began to become a little bit predictable. But I love how the author made the transformation seemed surreal. The ending was good and definitely made me want more of it.

Evernight can become very sweet and leisure story for a fantasy lovers. It wasn’t scary or jumpy but shivery enough to send the cold down your spine time to time. I love how the book starts very smooth and interesting. I especially love the set of the stories, an eerie boarding school in the middle of the woods. The spooky gothic surrounding set a great tone to the story. Every chapter ends with something that make you want to continue. I like powerful characters, someone with strong personality and intense emotion. This book offers a lot of them in diverse variety.
My overall experience with this book has been amazing. This book is a fantasy compact with a pinch of everything- love, trust, mystery and excitement.  If you like vampire stories, you will want to check this out.

There are 3 sequenced books followed. I did a mistake by reading synopsis of all of them. Now I confused myself if I wanted to continue to the whole series. I don’t like to read about something I already know, but still very intrigued by the details I must admit.

Have a wonderful day,

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