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Jaew- Thai Dipping Sauce (Version I)

Jaew is Thai style dipping sauce. It can be thin or thick and even dense like texture of chutney. Jaew and other kind of dipping sauce are often accompanied the meal and various dishes. The dishes couldn’t be complete without these delicious dips sitting on the side.

The main ingredient of Jaew is definitely chili. The fresher, the better. These chili base dipping sauce are very simple to make and consist of very few ingredients. There are different versions of Jaew which can be made from different kind of chili, fresh or dried. My favourite kind is the simplest kind; it is also the sassiest kind.

This version is made with ground dried red chili, fresh lime juice, sugar, fish sauce and chopped scallion. It’s difficult to determine the measurement; it really depends on your preference. Mine has to be spicy and fresh. The trick to make the most vibrant Jaew is to make your very own ground chili. Say no to the package chili flake and don’t even bother using the chili powder in your spice cabinet. Dried red chili need to be slowly roasted to enhance the smoky flavor. Lime, sugar and fish sauce are used to balancing the flavour.

Now the fun part, the eating. You might wonder how do we use or eat this with. It can be served with sticky rice, BBQ chicken, grilled fish or used alternatively to salad dressing if you like. But you can go by me, it’s super great with steak. Medium rare will just do it. Slice your juicy steak thinly and drizzle with this delicious sauce and that’s what they are served in heaven, I believe.

Jaew, Thai Dipping Sauce (Version I)


1 tbsp ground roasted dried red chili ( See how)

1 fresh lime- juiced

2 tbsp fish sauce or to taste

1/2 tsp sugar

Few scallion- chopped


Mix all ingredients, stir to combine, and adjust the taste as you like.

When I was a kid, Jaew always had a place on our table. This tradition is carried on with my family in India. Yaseen won’t start eating his grilled fish if this spicy dipping has not arrived. I know it look scary for some people. Try small amount of chili or as much as you can tolerate, you will know that it is so worth it.

Have a wonderful day,

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