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Introducing New Author

We always think of this blog as a living room in our home. Cozy and happy. It’s a place where everybody hang out and share good food. A few months ago, we’ve been thinking of expanding blog in different directions i.e. introducing more varieties of recipes, having more diverse posts like traveling, crafting, books, health and parenting, etc. Though food is going to be the central and main topic of the blog but we would like to stir in more topics. So when you stop by our home, you can expect many things to chat with while we’re serving you really hot and spicy meal.

It was overwhelming thinking about developing this idea at first, but my husband has show his interest in helping and participating more in our blog. He will be in charge of reviewing products and gadgets, some of the travelogues, silly jokes, and random thought that you may find it annoying. My husband is different, he says I run things on emotions and he runs on logics. We’ll see…

So let me introduce you to our new author…

My husband, Sadik!

He’s funny but rarely people get his joke. He is going to have a few posts update in our blog each week, and I think they are going to be good and worth reading.

Now if only Yaseen starts writing, he, too will help us post 🙂


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