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Hello, My Name is Sadik

Thank you all for warm welcome and encouraging comments. Tes put me on spotlight and seemed to set the expectations very high. Let me try to pull it through. By the way, I’m here to share and maybe— just let it out. I am not quite yet to come to term with a “blog author” If it is about eating food, give me a fork and I’ll start.

Before I open my mouth about anything else, let me just say few words about myself.

I studied Mechanical Engineering, my father wanted me to be a vehicle inspector but the destiny had something different installed for me. I’m a business consultant who works on computer and talk to people for most part of the day. Ya, that’s right. They called us IT Folk.

I used to think I’m a person with no passion, but later I realized I’m passionate about everything. If I commit to something, it is hard to let go.

I was born in Kerala and everything about it is pretty much defined me. Kerala is the land of coconut, so I love anything and everything with coconut. I love food but I don’t like too much spicy. When it comes to chili, even Yaseen wins.

I was born in 79 and trying to keep my weight at that number. 🙂 I like to be conscious about health, I try to be conscious about health, but I do not think I am very conscious about health. So if you like to see health and fitness topic here, then we can take the journey together.

I’m not very funny (she thinks that I am) but will LOL when it comes naturally.

I love movies, travel, reality shows and music, but if you want to be wherever you are, don’t ask me to sing 🙂

Ohh ya, sometimes I sing my own made-up song for Yaseen, Tes says they are the most irritating. Simon Cowell would wanna murder me if he were to judge!

Driving is something that I never get bored of. If I have a good car, even better with 4X4 SUV, and a never ending road to new places, I would love to drive beyond the end. Did I say I need a never ending road?! Also, take a break to enjoy anything interesting in this wonderful world.

I can go on….but more later.

Once again, thank you all for the welcome. I wish to keep up with your expectation.

I never sign off 🙂


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