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First Home

There is a saying in Kerala, every middleclass Keralite spend the entire life’s fortune to build a house. Ever you visited Kerala, you would see the best houses having extravagance designs and styles. Being one that was born and bought up in that land, no wonder I also had a dream about a house!

When you wait longer for a dream to come true, that dream becomes very special. There have been many such dreams in our life, which we happily achieved. This is about one of such dream which kind of “reserved to be true” by now, our first home.

During last few months, Tes, Yaseen and I have been on road to choose a house in this city, Pune, a very special city for us with more reasons than one. We have visited numerous properties. Discussed with friends those who had an experience in “house hunting”, we finally made our decision.

A friend from work used to tell me that he won first prize for essay writing during his college days by writing about his dream home. He wrote about a traditional style house in a mountain valley surrounded by lot of green filed, clear water stream and a large lake on the other side. He wished to live there with cattle, horses, farm animals and birds. The surreal picture manifested in my mind right away. I wanted that exact house. Though we really wish for such filling life, but considering various factors of reality now, we have just settled for an 11th floor apartment in the city.

Here is the first look of our home at Pride Ashiyana (means – home, dwelling nest), Pune. It is a 1300 SQ FT with 3 bedrooms Apartment on the 11th Floor. It may be interesting to some of you that India has something called “Ground Floor”. So, 11th floor is effectively 12th Floor.

Yaseen and Tes on site

I’ll talk more about this special place in coming posts. We are expecting to move in by Apr 2012, not far away :). And hey! We will need a lot of decorating ideas from you guys, too.

Talk to you soon,


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