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Eats On Road @ Pune University

If you come to Pune, you must visit Pune University, one of the most beautiful historical institutes in India. I did my degree there and continue to live so close by ever since. Not only it’s a popular education destination in Asia, this place is also very famous hangout spots for residents and visitors.

When you visit any university, you should have a sneak peak in the cafeteria. It is a great vibe there. Not only students, but everybody came to enjoy this cozy spot.

Just opposite to Department of English, the gigantic banyan trees cast the thick branches over the rustic set up of a food joint.

There food is vegetarian, simple and simply amazing. There are idli (steam rice cake) in bubbling hot spicy vegetable stew. The famous dishes are typical breakfast and snack like Upma (savoury semolina), Poha (savoury rice flake), hot Vadas (deep fried vegetable cutlets), patties (deep fried spicy sandwich), etc.

The small cups of tea served with the immense amount of thickness and aroma of cardamom and ginger. Ask for kokum sherbet and you are in for a very refreshing surprise. I need to have a glass of that every time I visit.

What I really love about this place is an innovative arrangement and design. There are always beautiful flowers and giant pumpkins set on the side walk. The casual atmosphere allows us to blend in with the local crowds. You will meet everyone there, from the common man to the rich businessman. Everyone seek this comforting sanctuary for a quick bite.

The food is super cheap. A cup of tea is Rs. 6. A refreshing glass of kokum sherbet is Rs.12. The food is about Rs.10-12 per generous serving. So for the full frontal menu, it won’t cost you a dollar.

Like other street food on road, we don’t expect much of hygiene. But it isn’t so bad really. There is a set up for a wash basin and drinking water close by. If you don’t find the tables which are very limited, then you’ll find the surrounding sitting area near nature.

We go there as often as at least once a week. It’s great to have a leisure walk at university main building, flower garden and botanical garden later.

Eat at Pune University

Location: Opposite to Department of English

Food: 4/5

Service: 3/5 (self service style)

Ambience: 5/5

Hygiene: 3/5

Price: 5/5

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