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Thokarwadi Dam

Summer strikes us pretty harshly this year. Waking up one morning, I realize winter has gone. It was hot and pretty much every organ of me screams for water in every single minute. It is pretty exhausting to imagine we are entering the long, hot summer.

Last Sunday, we drove for water. Like fish struggling to find a peaceful lake, we were very happy to discover a beautiful sanctuary considering pretty close to our home. To be honest, we didn’t know where we were going at first. But my husband found the massive lake drew on the map. It’s called Thokarwadi Dam on Indrayani River near Maval, Pune, India.

We started from Pune late morning. Thokarwadi dam is only about 50 km away from our place. I packed something for picnic because we knew there wouldn’t be any restaurant on the way. We drove along NH 4 toward Mumbai, take a right at Kanhe, and then a small road took us straight to Thokarwadi Lake. The road condition wasn’t so good. It’s small, narrow and very much in bad condition near the industrial areas.

But as we moved further internally near isolated villages that small road became smooth and better. And he thing that becomes very much better was the view.

I had no idea we lived so close by to this beautiful place but not knew about it. It was like all lives being wrapped by nature. Mountains, hills, vast agro-fields, solitude lake and bright clear sky spread beyond over sights.

When we reached the lake, there weren’t a lot a lot of water. We imagined the land would be so green and filled with water during monsoon.

But now the water reduced leaving the massive dried lands where hard-work farmers continued to plough in the harsh sun.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw green fields of wheat. Amazing! How did they do it in this condition? I had never felt so humble witnessing this extraordinary ambitious. “This is where our food comes from,” I told my family.

We also found this gorgeous field of tiny purple flowers.

They grew everywhere in this dry land, on the sides of the road, in the empty fields and the bottom of the hills.

We just kept driving and enjoyed the sceneries. The road is actually surrounded the lake, so you can actually circle it to see every angles of this place. There were a lot of farms and small village along the ride. The locals were friendly and eager to help you with the direction.

Later we got closer to water that we actually smelled the cold vapour on our face. We decided to find a nice spot for picnic under a small tree by the lake.

We had Pea Pulav (Spiced rice with Pea), sweet BBQ chicken, vegetable stew, a lot of fruits and Yaseen’s favourite cheese wedges.

Delicious 🙂

After lunch, we told Yaseen he could play around. You won’t believe what he did.

He joyously hopped toward the water…


And jumped into the lake…

We forgot to be concerned about safety and laughed so hard. He was so funny, jumping and splashing water everywhere. The water wasn’t deep and safe to swim as we noticed the local kids playing on the other side.

We didn’t plan for swimming and didn’t bring any swimwear. But I guessed it’s only OK for the kid to do that. And we’re in the middle of nowhere where a couple of village kids swimming and cow bathing on one far end.

After the fun splash we continued our journey driving along the lake, mountain on one side and sparkling lake on another. I can’t wait for the rain to come and change this entire land to another color. It will be green and fresh. But this too was mesmerizing. It’s another flavour of the journey.

While driving back Yaseen was sleeping. I guessed after eating a lot of food and swimming in the cool lake, he needed a cozy nap to top it off. My husband and I had a little time for ourselves while our little monkey went for sleeping. We just love chatting while driving through countryside. The day ended perfect. We reached home in the late afternoon when we stopped by the fish market and some ice-cream.

We will do a trip again after a couple of week. Next time I’m thinking… some beach where we can all swim together. This time I’m packing swimwear… I have to keep a reminder 🙂

Have a happy,

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