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Weekly Health Tips with Sadik

Who doesn’t want to have a healthy body? They say, a healthy mind can stay only in a healthy body. So here are some of my heath tips. I’m not a heath or nutrition expert. But I’m pretty sure that all of these will help everyone stay fit

Eat lot of fruits, I love fruits. I like to eat them fresh, eat them whole, with skin and without cutting. Have a balance meal with lots of fresh greens. Drink a lot of water (6-8 glasses per day), this is something I’m actually very bad at. I don’t drink enough water, but I will keep reminding myself that.

I actually want to make it more like a routine. Walk as much as you can. I use staircase/steps at least while coming down the floors. It saves some energy and I lose some calories. I hope to do this more often and with more steps. Now when we move in our 11th floor apartment, there’ll be a lot of steps to climb.

Play with your kids, if you have one or more. If not, don’t play with other people’s kid like below 🙂

Easy Exercise Step: (Good for the arms and giggling)




Kids are the most energetic machines in the world. And the kid like Yaseen is energetic times 10. I don’t believe in going to the gym, I rather spend time with Yaseen. Try running behind him on top of the mountain, he exhausts me, I swear! No cost of workout machines or health club fee.

If you are living in city like us, make sure to get out for some fresh oxygen times to times. Breathe in enough clean air as much as need for until your next refill 🙂

Keep watching your body and mind for the changes. In other words, listen to your body, mind and soul and you may find the change you need. For me, my mind says get up early and start running, but my body is not quite corporate. We’re working things out at the moment.

When was the last time you had your health check up? You should have it once a year. It is actually very important. It gives a good review of your health and maybe a good suggestion you might need.

More tips coming up soon 🙂

See you,

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