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Red Guava

Years ago my husband and I got ripe off in the local market. The loud shout distracted us from buying our regular grocery to a man with the basket full of guavas. I don’t remember what he was yelling but in his hands were the freshest guavas I had ever seen. If you don’t know what is guava, read about it in our previous post here. Not only had the merchant’s energetic noise caught our interest, a few guavas on tops of others were cut in half revealing the perky, pink fresh. It was very seductive, deep pink and moist. As we got closer to his basket, the pink guava’s smell was even more irresistible. It was the combination of rose scent, honey or some sort of wild flowers. We wanted those, and bought a kilo of them.

At home, we were very exciting to try our fresh found. But as I sliced the fresh guava in half, it was like a kick in the face. It was white, white as a regular guava. I would go back to the man and shouted at him if I didn’t devour all of those white guavas in frustration. I ate them all, instantly, with the mixture of salt-sugar-chili dip. Sadly, even white guava was so irresistible for me.

Red guava or pink guava or apple guava is type of guava with pink pulp. It has nectary sweet scent and mellowing texture. Red guava can be eaten fresh as fruit or prepared as desserts, preserves, jellies, candies, etc. It can be eaten whole, with skin and seeds, though some people like to peel and deseed.

When I was a kid, red guava came in very rarely. But once a while, we got a lovely surprise from the market. The red guava is very fresh and crunchy from the outside and very tender on the inside. It’s sweet with a very right amount of sourness muddled in between.

Guava is a good source of fiber, vitamin A and C, potassium and manganese. It is very healthy and high in antioxidant value.

If you are on the Express Highway from Mumbai entering Pune, you will find a lot of small fruit stalls line up on both sides. Guavas, both red and white, are usually sold along with other seasonal fruits. We got this one last week. It was bigger than red guava I had tried in Thailand, but tasted the same. So sweet and delightful.

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