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Summer Skin with Sweet Raspberry

I am going to be nagging about the weather everyday from now on. I don’t like summer, everything about it…except for food. Here in Pune, the morning arrives too early with the heat that irritates you out of bed. My eyes become sore with super solar brightness, and getting out of the house means I have to be plastered with a million inches of sunblock.

Summer sunlight is harsh, especially in India and other tropical countries where it can damage your skin intensely. Sun damage causes dullness and premature skin aging. Taking care of your skin in summer is crucial. Sunscreen with high SPF is pretty much your best weapon to fight the summer skin problems. Use non- greasy type of moisturizer and mineral body mist to moisturize and hydrate your skin as summer breeze gets your skin dry out your skin pretty badly. Water and those colorful fruits and berries also help nourishing your skin from within.

But first of all, let have a shower talk…. Ahem! I mean… I mean all skin care routine should start off with nice cleansing. Summer is the time when you can forgot about water heater. Cold water is the way to go. Cool shower can be very refreshing when you use natural products enriched with fruit flavour. Exfoliating your skin regularly also helps removing dead cells and help your skin glow, but you don’t want to step outdoor right after exfoliating. I usually do it at night, so the skin can rest for at lease 12 hours.

My husband gave me this Sweet Raspberry by Fresh Sweet as a summer treat. It is a 3-pieces bath set consisting of shower gel, body lotion and body scrub with a sweet raspberry scent. It’s what my bathroom smell like at the moment. I am in love with this lovely scent of raspberry very much right now. I especially love the body scrub, it’s very light and soothing. The scrub gives an instant smooth and refreshing skin. It’s truly a perfect gift for summer. This cutest package contains 22.75FZ indulging raspberry smoothness. It retails for 15 USD and you can check it out here.

After refreshing shower, I sank in a soft couch with a very big glass of strawberry-orange smoothie and my laptop…. Relax… Z Z Z Z ZZZZ


6 comments to Summer Skin with Sweet Raspberry

  • I love toiletries like that – nice smell, nicely packed. You’re lucky your husband just gives you lovely gifts like these!

  • Oh I have that problem too and this looks like a fantastic idea, thanks Tes or rather thanks Sadik, have a good weekend!

  • Even over here, the sun can be killing most of the time and then during the evening, we are hit by heavy rain. So much for the Asian temperamental weather.

    I am not sure whether I can find this brand over here but sure love is so much bc like you, I think a good product to block sun effects is so important. Let me check out further on the url and see what can be done.

  • Btw, I like the new profile pic of you and looking good in that.

  • Right now my fingers are so cold and listening about warm weather make me jealous. =P I miss summer.. as I get older cold weather is too painful. But I’m in California so don’t take it serious. Heheh. I love fruity fragrance in the lotions!!

  • Those raspberry product sound wonderful. I’m sure they smell fantastic – good enough to eat. 🙂 I am very sensitive to smells and not in a good way, so I’m always looking for gentle smelling products and these look to be just that. I, however, would have to apply them after a warm shower. Even in the heat of summer, I can’t handle cold showers! I know that’s crazy, but…Like Nami – right now, I would love some heat!

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