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Weekly Health Tips- Sugar Watch in Summer Drink

Summer is here. Generally everyone think summer is warm in most parts of the world.  But if you live close to the equator like many tropical countries here, summer gets really hot hot hot.

Summer is not a good time for many things I love to do. I love outdoor, but during summer outdoor is a big “no”. So, whenever I feel like getting out of house during the summer, the remaining option is air conditioned malls.

Summer makes us crave fluid. Though drinking enough water is not my habit, summer makes it easy. Here in India, you’ll find a lot of vendors selling Neembu Pani (Lime Juice) on the road sides during summer, much like little girls’ lemonade stands in the West but a lot less cute. They are rustic set ups on road, may be mobile-able or fixed. We can drink hundreds glasses of these during summer.

Problem? Yes!

These frizzy summer drinks are usually loaded with tons of sugar. Soft drink, milkshake, smoothie, ice-coffee, ice-tea, juice, etc. sound very convincing in summer. But you have to watch out for amount of sugar accumulated from these drinks you had whole day. Even fresh fruit juice has natural sugar that you need to watch out for.

Smart choice:

Water is always safe choice. Serve it chill makes it even more refreshing.

Also, young coconut water is another healthy option. It is light, less sugar and calories but packed with electrolyte, vitamins and mineral.

Sugar Free– order sugar free beverage that maybe season with fresh herbs or exotic fruits.

Ice– ice makes everything comes to life in summer. Add a generous amount of ice in your drink. It’s not only make the drink become more refreshing but it is a trick to dilute the intensity of sugar in your drink.

I know it is difficult to stay away of these sweet stuffs in summer. Just give your health some attention. Keep everything in moderation and stay healthy.

See you soon,

2 comments to Weekly Health Tips- Sugar Watch in Summer Drink

  • kankana

    I miss drinking young coconut water out here. We get in can but the taste it so different!

  • I drink a ton of water all of the time and many times I just need to sweeten it up some, but too much sugar makes me even thirstier. To solve this I make a variety of simple syrups, then add 1-2 Tablespoons to a glass of sparkling water. It’s refreshing and very low in sugar. I’ve never drank coconut water so now I’m very curious. Stay cool Darlin!

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