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Switched by Amanda Hocking

“Okay. Think about it, Wendy. You’ve never really fit in anywhere. You have a quick temper. You’re very intelligent and a picky eater. You hate shoes. Your hair, while lovely, is hard to control….” Switched by Amanda Hocking

Sound like someone you know? Like a high school years before you learned about something like hair straightening, maybe? I love the character in Switched, not only they are very contemporary and relatable but they are also very interesting. What do you get when there are a trouble teenage girl, a very strong and handsome boy, supernatural abilities, a crazy mom or two, a fierce gang of villains and an elegant mysterious kingdom in one room?

Meet Wendy, trouble teenage girl who went through a traumatic childhood! Her mother tried to kill her on her sixth birthday thinking the girl was evil. Wendy, lived with her brother and aunt, couldn’t find herself quite fit in anywhere.

Finn, a new boy at school, had recently caught quite of her attention. He seemed to be watching her and their few and brief encounters kept her heart racing. While she began to feel attracted to him, the new revelation about him could turn her life upside down. Finn revealed that he was sent to take her to where she belonged and that Wendy wasn’t who she knew herself to be.

Now, Wendy must return to her real home, a trylle kingdom where all mysteries awaited to surface.

I love this book in many levels. It ignites something inside of me, dream and inspiration. First, let me get to the writing style. It is very friendly and easy to read. You will feel like you are talking to yourself most of the time. (which is a good thing, right?) The story is narrated by Wendy, the heroine of the story who might be quite troubling but I find her to be sarcastically funny.

The plot is awesome and it’s an obvious joyful journey. People said it’s a The Princess Diaries and Twilight in one book and I couldn’t agree more. It’s all that without cheesy element. There are excitements and things you want to find out more every page. My only problem is I wish the story line could have been more dark and dangerous.

Switched is the first book of Trylle Trilogy. There are two more books, Torn and Ascend, which I planned to get the copies soon. If you love fantasy, give this book a try. I think it’s hard to be disappointed.

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