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A Cozy Birthday

Today, though in the middle of summer, it felt cool and moist like a center of pineapple cake. It is a very beautiful day. It is my birthday 🙂

I am a very romantic and sensitive person. The fact is I cry whenever I hear Celin Dion’s the Powers of Love. I tend to give importance to every little special occasion which otherwise people didn’t seem to care. Living with me means you have to embrace life and cherish every moment passed us by. I have never taken any day for granted. I am grateful for everyday I am safe with my family and friends.

I am showered with wishes and presents today. I have to tell you there is nothing like receiving gifts on birthday. It’s nice to see that you are so loved and appreciated 🙂

I learn something new this year. I haven’t thought of giving myself a present before. As I received a birthday gift from myself for the first time, I realized it is one of the greatest gifts I had ever received.

I gifted myself a leisure morning, without cooking and thinking ahead about other things. Within this time, I allowed myself to learn spiritually to be happy and be a better person. I spent hours praying for meaningful great lives for myself, my family and my friends. It was an honest wishes and the most humble experience I had ever felt.

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We had dinner in one of my favourite restaurant Polka Dots in Pune. This is the place I can truly call home as they served the best Pad Thai in town. We had chicken satay, pad Thai and teriyaki chicken with wasabi glaze. A creamy cup of Creme brulee and a really decadent tiramisu is highly recommended. The restaurant is very popular and usually packed with hardcore foodies everyday.

For the grand finale we had Yaseen singing birthday song and a really soft and melt-in-the-mouth pineapple cake. The only problem was he kept confusing that it was his birthday and sang “Happy birthday, Yaseen!” the entire song.

It is a night of New Moon, calm and cozy. I feel celebrated and young even though I am a little bit older everyday 🙂

Another piece of cake before bed at 12.00pm! It’s my birthday after all.


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