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Green Tea Shake

When I was in Thailand, we usually hung out in milkshake/juice stand during summer vacation. Under hot sun, a big umbrella gave in big shade with colorful fresh fruits and bottles of flavoured syrup lined up on the cart. There would be a truck load of crushed ice on the side, sending cooling steam to the entire area. A dozen of customer surrounded the stand at one time, holding plastic cups filled with freezy delights.

One of my favourite orders is green tea milkshake. Green tea is supposed to be very good for health, but that’s not the only reason I was so addicted to this wonderful shake. I love the grassy, earthy aroma of green tea powder. And that pale green smoothness makes the drink look super refreshing.

I got this organic green tea powder from Thailand. It was natural and healthy, made with green tea and dairy cream. It was perfect for hot or cold preparation. Now that it is summer, I can only see icy green tea be an appropriate drink at the moment.

Green Tea Shake

Ingredients: (2 Servings)

2 tsp green tea powder

3 cup crushed ice

1 cup chilled milk

4 tbsp sweeten condensed milk (or to taste)


Add everything in the mixer, blend until smooth. Serve chill.

I loved that the shake was super rich, thick and smooth, almost like ice-cream. It was sweet, earthy and very fresh. It is really a perfect treat for summer.


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