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Blue Color

Do you remember that dirty blanket smelling like wet dog you couldn’t live without when you were kid? Or a little baby doll that got so chewed up? Maybe a piece of anything that you couldn’t go anywhere without? Didn’t we all once have that cuddly object we felt emotionally attached so much?

When I was a kid, I had nothing of that kind. I was never quite bonded with anything or anyone easily. As the result of having no boundary of playground, I felt like we owned nothing of the world.

Yaseen developed a strong attachment for a strangely ridiculous blanket my mother made 26 years ago. The first time his eyes sat on it, they sparkled as he pronounced, “Blue Color!!!” It was love at first sight.


But as you can see this blanket is barely blue.


My mother made this blanket from pieces of clothes left from my aunt’s tailoring shop in Bangkok 26 years ago. It’s ancient, pretty ugly, and it is one of a kind. She made 3 of them, and this is the one left in the world. The thing about this blanket is it is super comforting and cooling. Everybody in my family in Thailand always fought for it. It’s been with our family forever. It’s everybody’s favourite blanket, pulling here and there, using until tearing apart in every directions. Wherever it was torn, we stitched it back together. Somehow we kept it alive, zombiely! My family actually didn’t wanna let go of it, but Yaseen won the fight. And he’s now a rightful owner of “Blue Color”.

Yaseen couldn’t sleep without it. We couldn’t travel without it. If we have to stay in hotel, we need to pack “Blue Color” with us. When he feels drowsy, the first thing he asks for is “Blue Color”. It’s so funny how he loves it so much. It’s embarrassing when he needs it on the plane while traveling. Now, it’s my responsibility to take care of this zombie- blanket, stitching it up every now and then whenever I find damages.

Did you have some kind of emotional attatched objects as a kid? And how long after did you relax or forget about it? I wonder if Yaseen is going to continue using this blanket until he becomes a teenager… because it sounds like a really big commitment to take care of it.


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