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Up All Night

You might be wondering where have I been all week? Sorry for not updating post as often as I used to. But I have been busy… hunting!

Before you get the wrong idea, I should also tell you that I didn’t kill anything. Now honestly it was just an imaginary place where I’ve been living for the past few months.

I am so happy to inform you guys that I’ve just finished my first novel. I’ve been up all night filling up the last few chapters of my novel which I’m really proud of.

I don’t wanna give anything out just yet as we are currently reviewing and editing it. As you might notice, I am very terrible with grammar and all. All I can tell you now is… it’s a really fun fantasy novel, not just saying it just because I am an author 🙂

Last night at 9.30 pm when my husband came home, I told him to take of Yaseen for a night. Then I went inside a room, cutting off all kinds of communication to the out side world, then I wrote my last 3 chapters. It took me whole night. I went on and on without caffeine, only a song about parking car lingered on the other side. I have to tell you, it wasn’t easy. First I sat on the chair, then I sat on the floor, then I lay on the floor, again I climb up to the chair, and then I crawl down to the floor…. It just kept going on and on like that whole night.

But finally, at 7.30 am today 🙂 I’ve finished it 🙂

Some of you might not know that I write novels. Yeah… but I do. Nothing serious before, I had tons of stories I wrote until half way and never finished. This one I pushed through and it felt really amazing finishing it until the last chapter.

Now, I really need helps from you guys, especially all book bloggers out there, to point me to the right directions as to editing and trying to get it publish 🙂 It’s my first novel. If there’s 10 people in the world love it, I would be on-top-of-the-world happy 🙂

Once it ready! I’d really love to share it with you guys and see what you think.

I don’t actually know what I’m writing now, because I felt a little bit dazed right now. I think I need a nap Z Z Z Z ZZZ


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