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Home Update April 2012

Our first home is going to be delay to be ready. We wished to move in next month, but it seems impossible now. There are still a lot to be done, and after that another month for interior decoration. I am disappointed but there is also a really good part of it. We are going to move in during rainy season. I can imagine what rain could do to my new neighborhood which is surrounded by empty plots, farm lands and small mountains.

Here are some pictures of our new home progress… and as you can see, it’s really a long way to go 🙁

… a living and dinning area

I love our small balcony… I’m gonna grow flowers and herbs immediately when we move in 🙂

Every room have a gorgeous view…

Yaseen’s room… imagine sky blue and airplane 🙂

It’s not big but very comfortable and cozy…

I’m very happy with constant fresh breeze in master bedroom 🙂

Can you imagine… the bathrooms still look like this

Honestly, we just can’t wait to move in 🙂

Sorry about being so lazy these days, but my hands are all tied up with editing my novel. There’s no part of creating this baby I didn’t enjoy, but I have to admit that editing is quite a stressful job. After I at least satisfy with everything, I’ll have to look for professional editor, too. Meanwhile I really need to catch up with you guys on cooking and traveling 🙂


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