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It was raining in Kerala

What’s the most comforting sound that makes you wish you don’t have to climb out of the bed in the morning? Rain! The weather there was just perfect, fresh air, cooling rain vapor. Though it was very humid, but somehow those cool drizzles from sky made me forgot how sticky my skin felt.

There was nothing else but never ending green and moisture in wet earth. I was not born in Kerala, but it felt strangely home somehow. The same smell of firewood smoking in the morning, a lazy breeze in the afternoon, the roaring thunder that continued to come in surprise every hour, everything was so familiar like I have been living there for all my life.

Sadik’s family is a lay-back-and-appreciates-life kind of folk. There was no meaning of striving if you had no time to appreciate them. I love how my mother-in-law spend her day enjoyably brewing magic in the kitchen and tend every object around the house with so much compassionated attention.

The children were sweet and funny, their free-spirit and innocent cheering, I hope, were rubbed off on Yaseen, who for the first time in a year learned to purely enjoy the day without any electronic gadgets.

It was also the season of abundance, seasonal fruits, fresh organic vegetable, and graceful amount of seafood spread in the market. Mango grew on the roofs, jackfruits on the neighbors’ fences, and coconut trees looked forever more ready to be harvested again. Kerala food, especially in Malabar coastal is considerably milder than the cuisine in other regions in India. Cooking in coconut oil, flavoring with garden spices, enriching with coconut paste, every homemade pot smells as divine as it is delivered down from the five star kitchen of the heaven.

My father once said there was a million sunsets in the world, and a good traveler should see as many. Sunset in Kerala was not like other. I felt, while most sunsets were alluring romantic tone, Kerala sunsets were admittedly feeling quite nostalgically comforting, feeling like a long happy day was concluded, summed, and preserved.

I have a lot to talk about and many simple homey recipes from Kerala to share, from a delicate rice pancake to a traditional Malabar chicken curry and deep fried banana to healthy vegetarian indulgences.

Speaking of food, I’ve to get back to cooking lunch now 🙂 Talk to you soon 🙂

Have a beautiful day,

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