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The Pickle Hut

I am a fan of anything salty and pickling. Thinking about pickle makes my mouth water. I love big slices of pickle in my sandwich or even salad. I also adore spicy Indian pickle which goes very well with any rice dish. When I was a kid, my mother always preserved raw mango in the massive clay pod at the end of summer. And as massive as the pot could be, the children always managed to eat all mangoes before they were ready.

So when we came across a small hut in the middle of nowhere selling imaginable kinds of pickle, I thought I hit my head and had a gastronomic fantasy of some kind. On the way to Munnar, a hill station town in Kerala, they were small shops lining up the roads selling snacks and souvenirs. Some of those shops were specialize in anything pickle, feathering seasonal ingredients and local picks.

The color of this small hut got my attention immediately. Look at the variety of pickle displaying in the front. So wild and tempting.

Have you ever seen pickled green pepper corns?

Or pickled carrot?

Or pickled rose apple?

The famous sells have to be pickled mango and Indian gooseberry. They’re delicious.

What’s the freakish pickle you have ever seen?

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3 comments to The Pickle Hut

  • So, you’re going to laugh at me – but up until… oh… maybe two years ago… I thought pickles were pickles. I never knew that pickling was a thing – and that things were indeed pickled. The idea of it freaked me out, as I hated pickles. It wasn’t until I discovered pickled onions that I was willing to try anything pickled once. I haven’t discovered anything freaky yet, just my pure ignorance in that I simply didn’t know.

  • Yummy… mostly we,southeast Asian loves pickles so much.



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