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Lavender Blood

It’s been more than a month since I’ve finished my novel. We are finally done editing it. I had kept this Top Secret for a month. Now, I think it’s time I share a sneak peak. As the name indicated, it’s blood, it’s war, it’s vampire. Action-fantasy, vampires, mystical creatures are what I love reading and writing about. It’s scary to put my story in other people’s hands, but I think I’m ready to publish it.

Here the first look of my Novel: (The cover’s still to be decided)

When the Desmarias moves to a luxurious town of Phillips Lake, suspicions move in with them. Marcel, Linda and their daughter, Anamaria, become the center of attentions of the cold town when the series of horrified screams continue howling up their walls at night.

While Nathan Willpert, a newly transferred young cop determines to surface the Desmarias’s secret and solve a series of mysterious deaths, his nephew, Carlisle Fox, has already fallen into deep.

It was too late to learn that the Desmarias were not only nonhuman, but they were creatures at war. The ground they living seem to be mined with deadly mystery. Death is considered to be a graceful option when the enemy has an absolute weapon to destroy and torture.

We are currently looking into different publishing options like finding literary agents and self-publishing program. Meanwhile, we are hoping to send out some free copies to our readers by the end for this month. I hope you guys could help us spread words when time comes. If you knew something or someone about book publishing, please please please advice me.

Right now I am working on the second book of the same series. I also have just finished another book called Garden of the Souls, also young adult fantasy but without vampires.

As of now my kitchen was sautéing chicken with satay sauce… it’s super good with summery cold cucumber salad. The recipe is coming soon 🙂


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