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Our Home Update, June 2012

We’ve been waiting for our first home for a long while. I can’t wait to decorate it and finally move in. I want my home to be simple, cozy and safe. This home makes me feel like a new beginning. I don’t know, sometimes I felt like we’ve been stuck forever. But a home of our own seems to be a good beginning.

And here is the new progress…

Everything is looking good now. We are very happy about it.

As you can see, everything is coming up…bit by bit

And a lot of painting is going on…

Here’s what the kitchen would look like. But I’m thinking of changing the kitchen counter to white marble.

A small balcony attached to the kitchen is going to be a laundry room + micro kitchen garden… It’s a bit too much for a tiny space, isn’t it? But this is how city life is 🙁

A lot need to be done in my black & white bathroom…

We have to look for of furniture…

…can’t wait to make this space a home 🙂

Up there! We’re on 11th floor

Yaseen pretty much involve with everything. He loves his new space and can’t wait to help decorating.

We’re expecting to move in by the end of August 🙂


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