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Mominpura, Pune 2012

It’s the beginning of the fasting month of Ramadan here. Sadik and I are fasting during the daylight hours. Fasting means we do not eat or drink from dawn until sunset. It was a spiritual journey we took  for 30 days, annually.

When Ramadan comes, there are so much grace and joy in the air. In the evening, the streets near many mosques are flourished with delicious smell of food and spices.

Now, do you remember the post I talked about Mominpura last year? Mominpura is a Muslim populated community in the center of the city, near MG road. We visited Mominpura this evening to pick up some Ramadan specialties and we weren’t disappointed.
In the evening, even before the time of breaking fast, many stalls in Mominpura are flocked by hungry crowds and foodies around Pune. And when the sun is down, everything comes alive.

Hot and greasy smoke swirl in the air. There are imaginable kinds of kebabs marinated until tender and grill right on the spot.

A giant pan holds mountains of golden fried rolls. These rolls are filled with chicken, mutton, or mince beef, all seasoned to perfection with a magical touch of aromatic spices.

In Ramadan, there is no place to be shy about using oil. Here in Mominpura, the sound of food dance in hot oil was like a culinary music.  From chicken, meat, fish to dessert, anything can be deep frying. Hot, crisp and crunch, who wouldn’t like it?

Everything comes out directly from the grill or hot oil. The kitchen is open and that’s really a treat to the eyes.

Samosa stuffed with minced beef,  chicken lollipops, cutlets, tandoori, everything was right there on the counter ready to fly out. And if you follow the smell to the right place, you will find the sensational Dum Biryani, chicken curry, mutton Kurma, and many other delightful dishes.

Now, I’m gonna go eat and stuff myself with this delicious things until full before sunrise 🙂 Will share more about Ramadan treat later…

Have a nice day,

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