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9 Delicious Slurps for a Rainy Day

It’s finally raining today. I mean really really raining. Not like a drizzling or the teasing drops, like it usually was for a couple of weeks ago, but a generous, non-stop showering for the entire day. Today it comes pouring down, flooding the street I walk and washing the outside of my windows.

Now the air is just cool and fresh. Whenever the cold wind intrudes, we curl further inside the blankets. The weather like this makes me crave comfort food. And my definition of comfort food is anything hot and savory, comes in a bowl and swirl with hot, delicious mist. Mmmmm yummy noodles. If you are craving something hot in a bowl, here are our best…

From top left

  1. Noodle with Miso and Mushroom Broth: A simple Japanese inspired vegan noodle soup that works every time
  2. Simple Thai Fish Laksa (Khanom Jeen): This delicate noodle with spicy fish curry sauce can easily please you any time of the day.
  3. Lad Nar Kai: A comforting rice noodle top with flavorful gravy made with chicken and Chinese kale. Do not forget to top it up with more chili flakes.
  4. Easy Meaty Stir Fried Noodle: A super quick and easy stir fry that leave you with juicy, tender chunks of meat
  5. Hot and Sour Instant Noodle: Hot and Sour Instant Noodle is one heavenly dish that you can magically whip up in 15 minutes
  6. Seafood and Vegetable Soup (Thai Sukiyaki): It’s flavorful, saucy and filled with fresh ingredients. It’s truly a bowl of comfort.
  7. Noodle with Fish and Peanut Sauce: Noodle with nutty and aromatic fish curry sauce. It’s seriously addictive.
  8. Noodle with Meatball Soup: A quick, homey meatballs floating in a bowl of steamy, hot rice noodle.
  9. Rustic Beef Noodle: Another ultimate comforting noodle dish especially for those who love meat.

What kind of food you love eating on the rainy days?


5 comments to 9 Delicious Slurps for a Rainy Day

  • I keep waiting for our rainy season to get moving! Slow start this year 🙁 We’re usually mac and cheese people in rainy weather but I think we could easily be noodle with meatball soup people! That looks amazing!

  • I was about to pick which one I want to eat…and scroll down, and OMG, your little cutie pie’s picture crack me up. SUPER adorable!!!! Heheee I love the facial expression. I think I have similar shot of my kids eating food (or noodle) like that. Everything looks good – we always think noodles and rice as comfort dish, and this roundup is great!

  • I love anything soupy and/or spicy for a rainy day. All your noodles look slurpy delicious.

  • Ooh I just love soup slurping…

    And of course yours look amazing!

    You should write a cookbook, Tes!

  • I love those! I don’t care if it is raining or not. Soupy, spicy, slurpy are my favorite ways to eat. Bookmarked to make when it’s a bit cooler out. Thanks Tes!!

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