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Morachi Chincholi (The Peacock Village)

Imagine waking up in solitude on an absolute salubriousness. There is silence and life moves on a slow pace. Sun has just risen, and there are strange calls piercing in the air around us. The almost desperate meows are loud and yearn to be heard. Those eerie screams are both mysterious and enticing. And there they are; the elegant, poise creatures. So many of them strutting on humble village ground like royalties.

Morachi Chincholi may be translated as the village of tamarind trees and the town of dancing peacocks. It is a beautiful, quiet village on Ahamednagar-Pune Highway, just about 50 km away from the city.

Famously known as the Peacock Village, Morachi Chincholi is home to hundreds of wild peacocks and peahens. It’s a nature lover paradise, a peaceful campsite, and a perfect family gateway destination.

To get to Morachi Chincholi, head toward Nagar road and drive outward the city straight. Continue on the highway until Shikrapur. Take a left at Shikrapur to Malthan road. In Malthan road, you will reach Ganegaon in about 8 km. Take left again and drive straight to Morachi Chincholi. This road is small but pretty straight forward.

I should also inform you that the peacocks only come to the village in the morning and evening; 5.00-8.00am and 5.00-8.00pm. So head out early or late in the evening so you won’t miss them. We started from Pune at 5.00 am and reach the village by 7.30 am.

We drove absolutely slowly because we didn’t want to startle the birds. The peacocks roamed freely in the farm plots in the village. The villagers told us that we should observe them from the road and not to get too close to them.

The villagers left some food on the farms for them, and they came in the morning to enjoy it.

The colors of their feathers are so glossy and beautiful.

You can easily spot them. Follow the sound of their noise and you will see them lingering on both side of the road.

How many time you will have  a chance to see such beautiful wildlife so up close.

Other than peacocks, Morachi Chincholi also has so manything to offer. The subtle and peaceful lifestyle, the beautiful landscape, the thick tamarind trees, and the generous hospitality.

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