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Happy Birthday Yaseen

Early morning of August 15, 2008 I met the most beautiful boy. He was the most gorgeous creature I have ever laid my eyes on. It was love at first sight, and 4 years later I still couldn’t get enough of him.

Yaseen was born on August 15, which is also a date for celebration of Indian Independence Day, such an auspicious adjoining that we wish he will grow up as a brave, contented boy.

As his birthday falls on a national holiday, he decided to share a cake with his friends on August 14.

Happy friends…

Here is his teacher feeding him cake… yum

And on August 15, he woke up singing a happy birthday song for himself.

Every year we started his birthday celebration by joining a local flag hosting celebration.

And then go to have a hearty breakfast… and of course, everything had to be his favorite… appam & neer dosa with Kerala fish curry and chicken curry.

Messy and delicious…

This year he had a pretty clear and determining idea about his present.

He wanted a skateboard. We did worry at first; I mean he’s pretty small for it.

But he really really really wanted it.

And he is really good at it. Now, I have to get him a helmet, arm and knee guards because he has started doing a lot of tricks already.

We didn’t have a big party or anything because everyone else seemed to have their own holiday plans… so it just us three. We had a fun dinner party at Marrakesh, a Lebanese restaurant in Kalyani Nargar, Pune. It’s super delicious and we stuffed ourselves full.

Here have a piece of cake 🙂


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