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Lavender Blood Book Update

I am shaking as I’m writing this. It’s been a few months now since I told you about my books, Lavender Blood and Garden of the Souls. Lavender Blood is my first finished and completed novel. Though I had planned to publish it two month ago, the process of editing is quite time consuming. This blood boiling and dripping novel is now coming to the final revision and hopefully we can let it out very soon 🙂

Lavender Blood is the first book of the shuddery fantasy series. And yes, as suspected, it’s about blood and vampire, but I promise you, vampire is less to worry about. This book is filled with suspense twists and mysteries which will carry you along.

The cover is much final. What do you think?

The book will be available in electronic format in a week or two. Yeah! Free copies will also be forcefully given to all my friends 🙂

Other updates

The second book of Lavender Blood series is almost done, and the editing process will take over soon. I wish you publish this second book in this year, too.

Garden of the Souls is finish, and after Sadik read it, we will see if it’s worth publishing it 🙂

We’re still miserable about the delay of moving to the new house. Last week we went and checked, and there’re still a lot to go on.


11 comments to Lavender Blood Book Update

  • Pallavi

    this looks fabulous! I am waiting for a copy for myself to read………. 🙂 good luck dear

  • harshada

    looking forward for a read!! And all the best!! No wonder ,you were missing in action on indiblogger!! Hope to catch up soon! Take care!

  • The cover looks perfectly vampirey!
    Sorry about the house delay…

  • Your cover is very professional Tes – well done!
    How sad about the additional delay about moving into your new home. It will be well worth it in the end though.
    🙂 Mandy

  • I love the book cover Tess!!! It’s lovely but it’s also quite mysterious! Congratulations! Sorry about the delay to getting into your new home! I’m going through a remodel right now and so I share your pain. 🙂

  • Congratulations Tes!

    From a design perspective, whenever the horizon divides the image into two equal halves, the image becomes static. So which ever half ie the top sky or bottom water is more interesting should get more space. In this case, according to your design the sky doesn’t have much prominence. So the background image should be cropped from the top so the horizon goes above the centreline.

    Just add a bit more dark water portion at the bottom.

    The positioning of the words Lavender Blood and the blood mark with the drops coming below the horizon is fine. When the horizon goes up, the words and the blood should also move up. Not knowing the story, I will interpret the blood across the horizon as the linkage between some scary stuff from the sky (vampire) and earth (mortal human beings).

    All the best.


    • Tes

      Hi Sabyasachi,
      Thanks for the advice, I do take it to the heart. I need to hear a professional advice. I will definitely look into those points you talk about though I do happy about whatever it is right now. And hey, do you recognize the background pic? It’s definitely the place you have visited 🙂

  • The cover looks great! Congrats on having gotten so far towards publishing your book!
    Sorry to hear about the house delay

  • Looking forward. The cover looks great and congratulations.

  • The title sounds good and the book looks fabulous. Congratulations and All the Best

  • I love the cover and am so excited for you!

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