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Kera, the Kerala Restaurant

There is a little restaurant in a small lane serving food that taste like home. Hot steam gradually breathes out of the kitchen. Strong coffee is brewing in the pot. The smell of spices is just subtle, not pungent or overpowering, but seemly perfect.

We love this little restaurant in Aundh, Pune. It’s one of the places we could eat all meals everyday. Kera is a Kerala restaurant, serving comforting and authentic Kerala dishes.

If you miss the flavor of a cozy café in Kerala, this restaurant will put down your craving nostalgia. Sadik is from Kerala, Yaseen loves homey grandmother’s cooking, so this place is very special to both of them.

In the morning, variety of breakfast is whipped up in the kitchen. We could hear the batter sizzle in the pan, the curries are simmering, and whatever the cooks are doing with the griddle, everything just sounds delicious. Appam (Rice pancake), Neer Dosa (Super thin rice crepe) and Paratha (Kerala Flatbread) accompany a generous portion of chicken curry, fish curry, egg curry, or even mellowed vegetable stew in coconut cream.

Apart from this heavenly selection, Upuma (Savory semolina), Idli (steam rice cake), Putu (Steam rice cake with grated coconut), and even a simple thing like omelet, if they come out of that kitchen, they just taste so good.

Lunch starts early at Kera. Thali sets (Indian Meal Sets) are not only amazing to look at but they are so scrumptious. There are chicken, fish and vegetarian option to choose from.

In the festival season, you will find the beautiful Satya (Kerala Traditional Thali) served in banana leaves with seventeen delicious things spreading over the table.

A rare and authentic dish like tapioca with fish curry is beautiful. The tapioca is tender, and the fish curry is intense and spicy.

At the end of the meal, strong Kerala coffee is a must try. It’s fresh and with a hint of licorice fragrance. Treat yourself with Paysam (Semolina Pudding), it’s one of the creamiest thing you will ever find in a tiny cup. And if you like, wash everything down with spiced buttermilk.

Kera is a family friendly restaurant and a small paradise for food-lovers. It can be very crowded in the morning and during lunch hours, but it always worths waiting in line.



Location: Shop No. 2 Abiraj Building, Kotbagi Lanes, Aundh, Pune.

Food: 4/5

Service: 4/5



Price:3/5 (about Rs. 300-400 per 2 people)

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