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Pune University Flower Garden September 19, 2012

How would you like to come and walk in a flower garden with us this evening? It isn’t there, but I feel the sweetest scent of Kapok tree flowers (White silk cotton tree) in the wind. If you are not familiar with Kapok tree flower, then imagine the smell of pungent wild honey drifting freshly from the comb.

Maybe that’s why millions of honey bees have been lured here.

If you asked me to pick one color out of the rainbow, I would never be able to. I love every shade in the spectrum, every tinge in the wild and every speckle across the silhouette.

Look at the exotic, matted, deep, violet… spreading next to the bed of innocent garden pink,

that was so soft, livid and romantic.

It looks almost surreal, doesn’t it?

Don’t you wanna kiss those soft petals…

But it’s only a matter of minutes the sun will set, and the colors will be temporarily disappear. Maybe the garden will be very dreamy and whimsical under the moonlight, but we wouldn’t know because at 7pm, the guards would close the garden.

Pune University is a favourite family gateaway of the locals in the city. With silver fresh air, it’s perfect for morning jogging. A small canteen in the center of the campus is not only popular among the students, but visitors are very much enjoying the traditional breakfast and snack there. Best time to visit is early morning or early evening when the sunlight is gentle.
The flower garden of Pune University changes its layout and flower planting every few months so it’s never boring to go there every now and then.


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