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Kundalika – A Pristine Nature Getaway by Sadik

Kundalika is a beautiful river valley, scattered by small villages in the Sahyadri mountain range. It is a weekend getaway for nature and adventure lovers from Mumbai, Pune and the surrounding cities. I visited this place (Kundalika Cottages in Kamath Village) a month back with friends from work. Despite Tes’s venomous glance and Yaseen’s wanna-go-with-trantum, I thought it was a good idea to spend a day or two with all hunks, seeking adventures in the wild, which otherwise I felt reluctant to try when my family is with me. Here is some scripts and captures from the trip.

Kundalika is located off State Highway SH60 (Pune –Kolad) at Kamath Village. A mini bus picked us up from Pune early morning, and it was a comfortable ride, with few U-turns for fun. 🙂 It’s about 3 hours drive to the destination, and we took the following route;

Pune (Chandani Chowk) – Pirangut – Paud – Mulshi – Tamhini Ghat – Vile Phata (Diversion) – Just ahead of this diversion, look for a very small restaurant (dhaba) called Deep Sahyadri  and Bank of Maharashtra Branch next to it, few meters ahead, in the T-junction, take a left (the right turn will take you to Vile Village) and continue till Sutarwadi Village – passing Empower Camps on your left – Just ahead of Sutarwadi, look for the Durtuli diversion on your right towards village Kamath – at village Kamath take a right, drive further about 1 km to reach Kundalika Cottages.

In the middle of monsoon, it was perfect timing to drive through Tamhini. Sparing rain blessed the cliffs with waterfalls and the landscape with silver mist.

With enchanting sceneries, Tamhini ghat is a popular stop for travelers all year round. We stopped here for some fresh air and the intake of breath-taking views.

At about 11.00 AM, we reached our destination, Kundalika Cottages, there was no network coverage, so no cell phone connection. My first thought was, it was a wishful disconnection from work pressures, but a minute later, I realized that Tes wouldn’t be able to contact me. Thought it was expected, I was worried a lot. After the welcome beverage, much required freshening up and breakfast, we all set for the day ahead of us.

Kundalika Cottages situated in a remote, private forestland, spreading over few acres right next to Kamath Village. A small river runs right across this land, the area is lush green for most time of the year. During monsoons, in particularly, it was inviting with streams and waterfalls splashing everywhere.

Our journey began with the nature walk. Leading inside the forest, the trail to the waterfall was an experience in itself.

But nothing can compare to having a natural waterfall secludedly for yourself. Gushing with no limit, the water pouring above us was clean and untouched, cold and pure that it was even safe to drink.

By the time we returned to our cottage, lunch was ready. It was simple, homey Indian dishes.

The cottage canteen was a cozy hut on the other side. The rustic village meal tasted so good because we were supper hungry.

In the afternoon, we were at the riverbank. There was a small dining hall next to the riverbank, perfect for a relaxing nap. I could use a good sleep after heavy lunch, but there were many exciting things to do. The nature was calling, and there were two kayaks waiting by the river. It was a fun experience that we rarely got to do.

Another exciting activity stretched right across the river. They called it zip walk, crossing the rivers with 2 parallel wires. Two metal wires bridged a 100 meters wide river, making one most anticipated trip. We reeled along the length of the wires, and every step was accelerating. Many of us tried, and the coordinator guys said that we were the largest group who successfully crossed it in the recent time.

I was the third in our group to cross the river. A friend in front of me gave up and jumped in water. It was not as easy as it looked. While we hung on the wires, even a small movement could tremble the wire vigorously. We had to be very determinant and persistent to finally reach the other side. That was a real test for both muscle and mind.

I swam to get back from other side of the river. It had been quite long since my last swim in natural water, where current and temperature weighted in my ability to stay surfaced. But of course, I enjoyed it very much. It brought back many childhood adventurous memories. 🙂 We planned to do some fishing and even found some fishing hook on the riverside but didn’t had enough time to do it.

Evening tea and snack was served right there, and we spend some time chitchatting and discussing some business stuff at the dining hall before getting back to our cottages.

The evening was wonderful. Typical fun activities like Andashari (Singing) and Dam-Charad(Guess the movie name) added colors to our solitary eventide. The drinks were poured, and some snacks were by our sides. It is great to know the natural side of my colleagues. Travelling and having adventure together definitely brought us closer.

It was a long evening with lot of chatting and discussion on both business and non-business matters. And finally, the slow night began. We returned to our cottages. It felt so, we were in the middle of nowhere. Silent and peaceful.

But wait for next morning…. We’re going whitewater rafting 🙂

See you,

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