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Kaas Plateau, the Plateau of Flowers

When we parked our car, I was thinking about a picture of wild flower plateau I saw in Lonely Planet Magazine many months ago. That picture has been haunting me. It was a heavenly capture of Kaas Plateau with pink flowers covering the ground everywhere. At first sight, I told my husband that we had to get there right away. But after a quick research, we found that Kaas is only bloom after monsoon i.e. September to October. That was December 2011, now in late September 2012, after 9 months long waiting, I sat in the blossomy plateau and I realized that no picture in the world would ever depict the beauty of this place.

Kaas Plateau or Kas Pathar situated on the basalt highland 25 km from Satara City. The plateau is famous for its unique bio-diversity. Colorful flowering plants spread over the plateau, making Kaas one of the most popular tourist attractions.

How to go to Kaas Plateau

If you come from Pune or Mumbai, rise early and follow Nation Highway NH4 until reaching Satara exit. Turn right toward Satara City. Keep driving along the road until you find the junction with pink temple and the Eiffel Tower, take the circle to go straight up the hill. Keep driving until you find another main junction and take a right toward Kaas road. This road will take you up right to Kaas Plateau.

You are not allowed to park in the flower Plateau, but there is a parking facility at the foothill. You can hike up or take a bus to the plateau. At the plateau, pay a small fee (Rs. 10 per person and Rs 50 for your camara) before entering the flower park.

Note: Having gained its status in World Heritage Site, the forest department of Satara City only permits 2,000 visitors to Kaas Plateau daily. The visitors are also required to book their visit online at

Before reaching Kaas Plateau, there is a beautiful yellow flower plateau worth giving your attention to. Kass road runs right in the middle of it.

Tiny yellow flowers called Smithia Hirsuta (Kawla) cover every inch of the ground.Theweather was really perfect that day.

The sky was bright, and the air was cooling, perfect for a relaxing walk and photography. Yaseen was skipping and running wild but he was very careful not to stump on the pretty flowers.

Look at how lively and vivacious… and here are something we wanna share…

The white balls are called Eriocaulon, and the blue ones are called Utricularia Purpurascens.

Are you in love with Kaas Plateau already?


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