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Home update October 2012

We supposed to move to our new house in April, but it’s now October, and we still haven’t set the date. The house is almost done, but it’s so white and empty. Here, look at the building. It is almost ready, and in fact, few families have already moved in.

But we’re on 11th floor, and it’s the last house to be finished. Down below, there’s a lawn, a swimming pool and a gym. A tennis court and a children playground are to be added on the other side.

We need furniture!

And I think it will be a hectic couple of week to add everything into our home.

The kitchen needs cabinets, drawers…. and oven, I guess.

I love the color of the bathroom tiles in the common bathroom while in the master bedroom, it’s black and white.

Can’t wait to move in…


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