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Diwali 2012

Yesterday was Diwali, a festival of light in India. It’s not only a super-fun celebration, but it is the best time for shopping. Everybody is having sales! I’ve been waiting for Diwali Super Sales for whole year. And yesterday we did save a lot on the supersize shopping we did for our new home.

Since we’re moving soon, this is a perfect time to do the necessary shopping for home furnishing and accessories. We saved about 50% of what we supposed to pay yesterday, and I was very happy about it. We didn’t really celebrate Diwali the way other people did. Other than shopping, Sadik and I also spent our day recycling the furniture… I will share these fun DIY projects with you soon.

In the evening though, we decided to go with the flow. The electricity went off around 7.00pm, giving the city a dark background, which the fireworks and crackers splattered everywhere. We drove around to see the actions, and it wasn’t easy to get around when you felt like driving through the warzone. It’s was crazy!

At some point, Sadik and Yaseen went to buy some firecrackers. During Diwali, there are a lot of temporary firework shops popping up everywhere. Do you have any idea how expensive these stuffs are? We just bought something minor, but they cost us a few hundreds. Imagine the guys who came for a carton of something called “Sky Breaker!” How much would he have to pay?

Anyway, Yaseen got one big bag full of explosive toys. Was I worried? Oh, yes! A lot! But it’s Diwali. Kids are on the streets playing with firecrackers.

I don’t like something with loud noise, but I guessed there was nowhere to hide during Diwali. On my street, people went maniac.

The air smelled sulfur. The noise was extremely loud.

But it was beautiful.

It’s the most beautiful night of the year.

And everyone were enjoying it 🙂

Do you like watching the fireworks or playing with the firecrackers?


Take care,

4 comments to Diwali 2012

  • Nice report! How nice you got such big discounts in the shops, that was definitely worth it! But no discounts on fireworks. 🙂

    Here in the Netherlands we have fireworks at New Year, at 12 at night when the New Year starts. It’s a big, noisy thing and people buy way too many fireworks. They can spend so much money on it, it’s amazing (and a waste!). I like the big firework displays but not so much the fireworks that individual people have. Too noisy!

  • I guess your Diwali is like my Fourth Of July!

    I think I like watching them…not lighting them!

    Stay safe!

    Glad you got your big shopping done…can’t wait o see the new house!

  • Great fireworks and great discount for your new place!

  • Sounds like a wonderful day, Tes! I’ve always found firecrackers on the street scary – I’m surprised it’s still allowed! But you’re right, it looks like great fun and it was very beautiful!

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