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Milestone 2

It’s been a very busy week for us. But hey! Do you know that we’re moving this week? I’m very excited to move in new place. We are currently packing and remodeling a lot of furniture. I’m so sorry that I couldn’t update any recipe yet because my kitchen is very unorganized and maybe even uninhabitable at the moment.

But I have something for you today. It’s the milestone number two. This one has a pretty interesting story.

We check out of the hotel, Royal Orchid in Shimogar. We were to make our way to National Highway NH4 back to Pune.

We took the new route the local suggested, where the beautiful, peaceful road led us to join NH4 near Chitradrugar. This road was the highlight of our trip. It was so secluded and beautiful.

Please send your milestones pictures and join us in the open gallery soon.

Take care,

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