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My Holiday Shopping

When I think of December, I think of the late night sleep, a hot cup of coffee sitting by the windowpane, the swirl of cinnamon in the oven, and a long shopping list that would drain my yearly saving. Yes, shopping is a big part of December. And this year especially, it can be very stressful because we’re not only have to take care of the New Year gift list, party, but our new home needs a lot of things.

Last year, we did our shopping manually, which means we had to hunt down every item in different malls around Pune. The most frustrating thing is how crowded the malls could be. I hate waiting in lines for paying, I hate fighting over the last piece of sale sweater, and I hate to waste a lot of time and energy driving around the city since all items we need are never in the same place.

This year, my husband has initiated the online transaction for every matter in our household. We paid all our bills online, and most of the transaction in our life happens on my laptop or his phones. It’s super convenient so now we decided to do most of our shopping online as well.

Recently, online shopping had gained its popularity inIndia. The websites like Jabong, Flipkart, Expedia, Snapdeal had become the confident household buying options. It’s super easy to buy anything these days. We could sit at home and organize our purchases easily.

I also found a website that could be very helpful for your holiday shopping. If you have a holiday trip in mind during New Years Vacation then check out this

If you are looking for a nice travel deal, here is a page you shouldn’t miss

Another big purchase we’ve been planning is home décor related items. I got these curtains for our home online. You will be surprise to see how many online discount out there

So no running behind moody, cranky Yaseen this year. He could be very difficult in the malls since there’re a lot of colorful distractions displaying during this time of the year. I’m gonna be at home, curling in the bed with a steamy, fumy, hot cup of cocoa and shopping at the same time.

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