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Pune- Kerala Road Trip

One of the most frequent travel-related questions we received over the years of blogging is about our road trip from Pune to Kerala. There are not only the readers in India wanting to do the same trip, but there’re a lot of foreign friends wishing to experience this amazing experience.

Pune- Kerala road trip 1

Well, driving from Pune to Kerala back and forth for over ten times, we consider ourselves a Pune-Kerala Road Trip Expert. There were many things happened in these trip, we had explored various routes, and every time we travelled, the trip brought us together. Pune- Kerala Map

Here is the road map from Pune to Kerala. It’s over 1,000 km. It takes us roughly about one and a half day to make it. We usually take an over night stay in the middle. The trip is pretty straightforward, but you have to always do the research on the road condition before making the trip. Sometimes, the road became bad because of the monsoon or construction. It can delay or even destroy your trip completely.

Pune- Kerala road trip 2

I don’t get good sleep the day before the trip even though I know how necessary it is to get a goodnight sleep. It’s probably the excitement. I love travelling, looking at the maps and munching on junk food. Three hours before sunrise, the stove is on, and I cook something for the trip. Rice and stir fried chicken is our ritual. Around 5am we leave home, and we will see the gorgeous red sun rising on the left side of the highway.

Pune- Kerala road trip 3

National Highway no. 4— it is such a bliss. Strong wind and wild vast land. While driving, you will see a beautiful landscape shuffling on the windshield. It’s a long stretch of comfortable road, but finding a decent restaurant and clean loo could be a challenge. But this is a part of a wonderful road trip. You have to be able to adjust. You will cross the Maharashtra and Kanataka boarder somewhere here. Don’t forget to look for the sign. It’s pretty amazing.Pune- Kerala road trip 4

In Hubli, a mining town in Kanataka, turn right and drive along a quiet road. Now, this stretch of the trip is absolutely my favorite. This route runs right into the heart of the forest. I couldn’t help feeling like it was made just for us. There are big trees, greenery and the rich oxygen air. We have a picnic lunch here. Don’t expect the restroom in this road… so be ready to go into the wild 🙂 Pune- Kerala road trip 6

Late afternoon when you race against the setting sun, you will sense the sea nearby. NH17 after Angola, a sleepy little town, start running parallel to the sea. We have to get to the hotel before it’s getting dark. Make sure you book the hotel, and get the confirmation accordingly. There are few good hotel you can spend the night in NH 17. In Gumta, the traveler lodge, Pandurunga is quite neat. RNS highway and RNS residency in Madureshwar is great for a comfortable overnight stay. If you can make it to Udupi before dark, then Hotel Karavati can be a good choice. We had stayed at all of these hotels before. They are safe and decent. The food is good… well, we’re really not picky about food. Pune- Kerala road trip 7

Day 2, early morning we left the hotel. You can have tea in a small store on the road sides.

Pune- Kerala road trip 8

And like a big big surprise, you will find a beautiful beach next to the Highway. Make time to stroll along the fine sand beach, and maybe try fresh coconut water at the shacks on the beach. We usually aim for a town in Kanataka-Kerala boarder for brunch. Here, you will find a beautiful Malayali dishes with a subtle Kanada accent. I absolutely love the food there. Pune- Kerala road trip 5

Now that we’re in Kerala, we feel easy. But many of you who don’t know the driving culture in this area can feel a little frustrated. There’re a lot of traffics in the town junctions. The heat and humidity can make you feel a little off. But relax, and go with the flow. In Kerala, the road can be confusing sometimes because there’re many curves and turns. Make sure you have your GPS on and get your map highlighted. Pune- Kerala road trip 9

Sadik’s parents live in a small town in central-north Kerala. We usually reach home in the late afternoon. They’re so sweet, making us feel home instantly. So, we sip a sweet black tea and look forward to enjoying peaceful vacations.

What’s your favorite road trip? If you have the story somewhere, please share the link. We really love to read about it 🙂

Take care,

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