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A Simple Broth

I like buying chicken from a local store than buying package meat from a supermarket. The local store prepares the chicken for you as soon as you ordered so it’s super fresh. But bad side though, you will get the whole chicken, not the specific portion you just want for your cooking.

simple broth 1

So when I bring the whole chicken home, I decide what to do with it. The breast would be good for pan-grilling, the meat from the legs and thighs would be wonderful for stir-frying. When I finish with it, there will be a whole carcass left. I have never thrown away the bones, because that’s the most flavorsome part.

simple broth 2

Now, about the bones. They can become soup, stock and broth. The broth can be the ingredient of another dish, or it can warm up the meal, serving as the side dish. There’re several recipes I use for making the broth. In summer, I like to load it up with celery and onion, that way the broth is sweet and refreshing. In winter, I love simplicity. Just chicken, salt, garlic and spring onion. I let the broth simmer for about one hour, the bones should just melt when you touch it, and the flavors should come together— mellow and balance. And if I get a little busy or tired, I put the whole thing in pressure cooker, in twenty minutes, the bones will be like jelly.

A Simple Broth


Leftover chicken bones

4 cloves garlic

1 tsp salt

4 spring onion- sliced

5 cups water


Put everything in the pot, bring to boil and simmer for one hour. Add more salt if needed.

simple broth 3

You can use this broth as chicken stock. It’s light and fresh. I love having a bowl of it with my regular meal. It makes everything very comforting. Another way to savor it, just add it into a bowl of cooked noodle.

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